Wicked Tuesday
Tuesdays at 6.55pm

A magical night awaits!

The Rachel Zoe Project S4
Tuesdays at 7.50pm

Rachel is back to take fashion to the next level

Devious Maids S2
Tuesdays at 9.40pm

The maids are back with more secrets on July 29th

Friends with Better Lives
Mondays at 9.15pm

Friends forever through marriage, divorce or singledom!

Revenge S3
Tuesdays at 9.40pm

Will Emily finally have sweet revenge over the Grayson's?

Wicked Tuesday The Rachel Zoe Project S4 Devious Maids S2 Friends with Better Lives Revenge S3
Monday Comedy Club Monday Comedy Club

Laugh away your Monday blues with the best comedies from Hollywood! Mondays at 7.50pm

How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother

All new episodes on July 28th! Mondays at 8.15pm