MasterChef Junior US S1
Sundays at 8.45pm

Catch the premiere of Masterchef Junior US on April 20th!

DC Cupcakes Special
Sundays at 9.40pm

Your favorite Cupcake duo is back with more sweets & drama!

K Style
Mon-Wed at 5.05pm

Everything about Korean fashion, beauty, style and music.

Scandal S3
Tuesdays at 10.35pm

Season 3 is back with the biggest SCANDAL of all!

Devious Maids
Tuesdays at 9.40pm

Will the maids expose all of the dirty laundry?

MasterChef Junior US S1 DC Cupcakes Special K Style Scandal S3 Devious Maids
American Idol S13 American Idol S13

The competition heats up as the top finalists compete to be American Idol with jaw-dropping performances.

Glee S5 Glee S5

Gleeks don't let Gleeks miss any episodes! Tue at 8.45pm